The Chattanooga Zoo makes every effort to provide an enjoyable visit for all guests. We provide the following amenities & accommodations to meet this goal. We always welcome suggestions to help us grow and learn! Email us your thoughts at

Zoo Amenities 


Parking is free. Reserved handicap spaces are located at the front of the zoo. Buses for school groups and field trips are required to park in the lot adjacent to Holtzclaw Ave. Contact for more information.


Restrooms are located at the front entrance of the Zoo and behind the petting zoo.

Nursing Station

If you are in need of a private space to nurse, please alert any zoo employee and ask to be escorted to our nursing station located in the Administration building.

Restaurant & Snack Carts


Wild Burger serves as the Chattanooga Zoo’s premier restaurant! Serving gourmet burgers, hand breaded chicken tenders, and crisp salads, among other items. Zoo Members receive 10% off Wild Burger.

  • The Chattanooga Zoo features multiple snack carts throughout the park including ICEE, Dippin’ Dots, and more.
  • Wild Burger is currently closed for the season. Snack carts are open with weather permitting. If snack carts are closed, snacks will be available in the gift shop.
Check out the Wild Burger menu HERE


Gift Shop


The gift shop is located in front of the zoo and is open daily at 9 a.m. It houses apparel for the whole family, home decor items, educational toys, plush gifts, and fun souvenirs. This shop is a definite stop year round. The gift shop also offers all the necessities for a fun and safe day at the zoo including sunblock, hats, snacks, a limited supply of batteries, and more. Zoo entry is not required to visit the gift shop. Zoo members receive 10% off in the gift shop! 


First Aid/Lost and Found

First Aid is available at the zoo’s gift shop and throughout different locations in the zoo. Guests are also encouraged to ask any zoo employee for assistance, especially in the event of an emergency. Lost and recovered items will be collected and can be retrieved from the gift shop.



The safety of children is a priority when it comes to family-friendly organizations. Therefore, the Chattanooga Zoo is proud to be a Code Adam community partner, one of the largest child safety alert programs nationwide. If you need any assistance during your visit, please find one of our zoo employees and inform them of the situation.





Wheelchair Access

The Zoo offers wheelchair accessible pathways, facilities and exhibits across the majority of the park. There is also wheelchair access on our ZooChoo Train, wheelchair accessible restrooms, and reserved handicap parking spaces.



We now offer stroller and wheelchair rentals to our guests! Guests can rent a stroller or wheelchair under the small white tent located inside the Zoo on the front plaza, right outside the gift shop. Guests can pay for rentals with cash or card.


Single Stroller - $6*
Double Stroller - $10*
Regular Wheelchair - $10*
Electric wheelchair - $25* with a $10 deposit that will be returned once the ECV is returned.
*Tax is not included in this price
All rentals are required to stay within Zoo gates. Guests are not permitted to take any rentals to their car or to the playground outside of the Zoo.


Because of the limited availability of these wheelchairs, we do not take reservations ahead of time and cannot guarantee availability.


Service Animal Policy

Guests requiring ADA registered service animals are permitted to enter the zoo. Their permission is at the zoo’s discretion based on guidelines set forth by the ADA. We do not recognize emotional support animals (ESA) or pets as service animals. Service animals entering the zoo must remain on a leash or a harness at all times and may not be left unattended. Guests are required to clean up all defecation from their service animals while at the zoo. Guests with service animals must check in at the admissions counter before gaining entry. Restricted areas include the petting zoo goat yard & the bobcat exhibit.


KultureCity Certification

The Chattanooga Zoo has partnered with KultureCity to develop the Sensory Inclusive Zoo Initiative to improve our ability to serve guests with sensory processing needs. We have officially been designated a “sensory inclusive facility. ” The goals of this initiative are to:

  • Raise awareness of challenges facing people with sensory processing needs among zoo staff and throughout the community.
  • Increase accessibility throughout the zoo grounds for visitors with sensory processing needs.
  • Promote an inclusive experience for visitors with sensory processing needs. 


Weighted Lap Pads

The zoo offers one weighted lap pad to assist those with sensory sensitivities. This weighted lap pad is available upon request in our ticket booth.

Sensory Bags

We have five sensory bags that are available upon request. These sensory bags include noises canceling headphones and other items to soothe sensory sensitivities. Guests are welcome to check these out at the ticket booth. We will hold an ID and will return the ID at the time the bag is returned.

Quiet Zones

The zoo has one designated quiet zone. This area is located in the Warner Park Ranch area of the zoo near the alpacas. This space is available for use to regroup for those who have become overstimulated.