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Zoo Tours

Get closer! Experience the Chattanooga Zoo from a whole different perspective with a Zoo Tour! Upgrade your admission and go on a guided adventure through the Zoo. Each tour is 30 minutes long and offers a selection of behind the scenes, feedings, animal meet and greets, and keeper chats. 

Tours take place Fridays - Saturdays. 

Reservation must be made in advance. 

Upgrade to a Zoo for just $10 for adults and $5 for children! 


Carnivore Tour - 10:00am

Visit with our fabulous felines and other carnivores at the Zoo! Cats are a surprisingly diverse family. What unique characteristics of our carnivores allow them to survive in the Amazon rainforest, North American woodlands, African savannas, the Sahara Desert, or the Himalayan Mountains?  Find out at in the Chattanooga Zoo's Carnivore  tour!


Reptile Tour - 11:00am

Often misunderstood, reptiles are some of the most fascinating creatures in the world and are found on every continent, except Antarctica! During this tour you could meet the second largest tortoise species in the world, or rendezvous with a slithering snake friend! Explore the reptiles of the world at the Chattanooga Zoo during the Reptile tour!

Primate Tour: -  1:00pm

From the smallest monkeys to the large chimpanzees, our primates soar through the trees of South America, Africa, and Asia with the greatest of ease. What does it take for them to survive in the high tree tops or stay safe on the ground? Find out in the Chattanooga Zoo's Primate tour!

Zoo Tour Prices:

  • Adults

  • Kids (Ages 3-12)

  • Kids (Ages 2 & Under)                      FREE
*Prices subject to change without notice. 


For more information  on Zoo Tours, please contact  info@chattzoo.org via email or call 423 .697.1322



Animal Shows:

Join the Chattanooga Zoo for this season's Animal Shows! Come and enjoy a 30 minute educational presentation from our Zookeepers. Guests will have the opportunity to get closer than before while learning all about these animals and how we work to save them in the wild! Be sure to stick around after the show to meet some of the Zoo's program animals.

All Animal Shows are FREE with regular 

zoo admission.


Every Saturday and Sunday at 2:00pm. Located in the Zoo's Education Center. 


April 2017 Schedule:

April 8 - Rainforest Rescue

April 9 - Save Our Savannas

April 15 - NO SHOW/Event Day

April 16 - Rainforest Rescue

April 22 -  Earth Day Show

April 23 - Save Our Savannas

April 29 - Misunderstood Misfits

April 30 - Rainforest Rescue

For more information on Animal Shows, please contact info@chattzoo.org via email or call 423.697.1322.


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