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For any teen interested in volunteering and getting more involved with the wild world around them, Zoo Club is the perfect club for them! Zoo Club is a great opportunity for teens ages 12-17 years old to create friendships and socialize, learn how important animals, nature, and our environment is, how to conserve and educate others, and participate in a development volunteer program that will instill in them skills for the future. Zoo Club meetings are held monthly and are interactive, animal focused, and volunteer based. No two Zoo Club meetings are ever the same!


Any teen, ages 16 and older, interested in volunteering at the Zoo on a regular basis, must complete at least one year of Zoo Club and be recommended by the Zoo Club Coordinator to be able to apply as a regular Zoo volunteer.


Zoo Club registration is now open through August 10th. Zoo Club registration is on a first come first serve basis and only allows for 40 teens in the program at one time.


Ages: 12-17 years old

When: Club meetings are held the 2nd Saturday of each month

Price: $100 per semester (Aug-Dec, Jan-May)

How to Register: Register online

Registration now available! 







Registration Process:

  • All those interested must register online by August 10th
  • Once your registration has been received, the Zoo Club Coordinator will contact you to set up an interview
  • Interviews will take place
  • All those accepted into the program will receive an acceptance letter via email with further instructions and orientation information


Zoo Club Manual


Fall 2016 Zoo Club Meeting Dates:

August 13th 9am-12pm Orientation and Ice Cream Social

September 10th 9am-2pm

October 8th 9am-2pm

November 12th 9am-2pm

December 10th 9am-2pm

Spring 2017 Zoo Club Meeting Dates:

January 14th 9am-2pm

February 11th 9am-2pm

March 11th 9am-2pm

April 8th 9am-2pm

May 13th 9am-12pm End of Year Wrap up and Social



Join in all the fun with Zoo Club!

For more information about Zoo Club, contact us at education@chattzoo.org .

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