Beastly Feast

Take this opportunity to watch our animals enjoy dinner a little bit more naturalistic, learn why it is important for their survival, and admire the naturalistic behaviors of our more hungry animals like our jaguars and dragons!

Come with an appetite to purchase food and drinks - we know that the beasts will! 

  • Wild Burger Open for dinner - prices vary 
  • Beer & Wine Bar - $3 per drink 
  • Sodas & Water - prices vary 
  • Cash/Credit accepted


Why feed carcasses? Carcass feedings help to simulate a feeding that would take place in an animal’s natural habitat in the wild. Carcass feeding enrichment increases the animals’ mental and physical activity, provides nutritional benefits, encourages natural sharing behaviors unique to species that hunt as a group, and encourages animals in captivity to engage in their wild-like manners. Carcass feedings also provide guests with an opportunity to see some of the Zoo’s most active animals displaying their naturalistic behaviors. 

Note: This event will share the importance of animal enrichment and encouragement of their naturalistic behaviors through full carcass feedings. If there is a chance for you and/or your child to feel uncomfortable with these feedings, we do not recommend you attend this event. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at 


ticket information

  • Zoo Members
    $6 for Adults
    $4.50 for Children
  • Non Zoo Members
    $12 for Adults
    $9 for Children
  • Children 2 and under are free


  • Beastly Feast
  • Beastly Feast
  • Beastly Feast
  • Beastly Feast
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