Star Wars Day


Join us on Star Wars Day for the most fun this side of the Milky Way! Guests can blast into activities, meet-and-greet with characters, take photos with characters, and enjoy animal enrichment that is out of this world!


Don't forget to dress up as your favorite Star Wars character to receive 50% off our regular admission price! Adults can dress up as well!


Animal enrichment schedule:

Dromedary Camels - 10:00AM (Camel track)

Komodo Dragon - 11:00AM (Forests of the World)

Francois Langurs - 12:00PM (Himalayan Passage)

Animal Meet & Greet - 1:00PM (Education Center lawn)

Jaguars - 2:00PM (Corcovado Jungle)

Fennec Foxes - 3:00PM (Deserts of the World)


  • Star Wars Day
  • Star Wars Day
  • Star Wars Day