Witches, Wizards, and Fantastic Beasts

Join us on Saturday, September 7th for a magical day of Witches, Wizards, and Fantastic Beasts! Attend Care of Magical Creatures and learn about all the animals found in the muggle and magical world. Talk a walk down to the Quidditch pitch and try your hand at being a chaser or keeper. This event is free with membership or regular zoo admission.

Dress like your favorite witch, wizard, or fantastic beast and receive 50% off admission! 


  • craft your own wand
  • meet witches and wizards
  • attend "Care of Magical Creatures" class (animal enrichment + chat)
  • meet your familiar Zoo friends (animal meet & greets)
  • ride the "Hogwarts Express" (Zoo-choo train)


Animal enrichment schedule

  • 10:30 - Great Horned Owl - Delivering a Howler (Walkin' the Tracks)
  • 11:30 - Meet & Greet - Meet your local "Trevor" the toad, a "baby Acromantula," & a transfigured Draco (Education Field)
  • 12:30 - Spider Monkeys - Hosting practice on the Quidditch pitch (Corcovado Jungle)
  • 1:00 - Meet & Greet - You never know what to expect in Care of Magical Creatures... (Forests of the World)
  • 1:30 - Coyotes - Watch as Moony & Padfoot work on the Marauder's Map (Walkin' the Tracks)
  • 2:30 - Red Panda - Repotting mandrakes in Herbology class (Himalayan Passage)
  • 3:30 - Meet & Greet - Meet a Hogwarts owl & a Slytherin snake (Education Field)

  • Witches, Wizards, and Fantastic Beasts
  • Witches, Wizards, and Fantastic Beasts
  • Witches, Wizards, and Fantastic Beasts