Wildlife Rehabilitation

The Chattanooga Zoo is proud to be a fully licensed wildlife rehabilitation facility in the state of Tennessee and the only facility currently serving the Chattanooga area. Due to state wildlife laws, the Zoo is not permitted to rehabilitate animals from outside of Tennessee (for Georgia residents see Georgia Wildlife contact below). 

If you have found an injured adult animal, please use extreme caution as injured animals can be very aggressive and may be ill.  Do not attempt to give the animal food or water.  Keep the animal in a quiet, dark place away from people and pets.  If an animal appears ill, place a heavy box with adequate ventilation over it.  Then contact the Zoo to see when you might bring the animal in for help.  

If the animal is not injured but just a baby, click here for instructions on how to proceed.  

Due to possible rabies exposure, the Zoo is not allowed to accept raccoons, bats, foxes or skunks.  Feel free to contact the Zoo to get help in determining next steps.  If you have been bitten by the animal, contact your local health department immediately.   

Thank you for helping care for our local wildlife.  The Chattanooga Zoo is honored to help with your efforts. 

Georgia Wildlife Rehabilitation Contact:
Georgia Department of Natural Resources & Game Management

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