Zoo to You Outreach


 Can't come to us? We'll come to you! Our outreach programs are fun, interactive and a great way to introduce all ages to science without having to leave your community!  

All Zoo To You Outreach programs must be booked a least 1 month from the program date. In order to check availability after the 1 month cut off, please email contact us immediately. When booking and outreach program within the 1 month cut off period, there will be a $25 late fee.


For more information, please email the Education Department or call 423-697-1322 ext: 5782.

School Program Choices







Movin’ and Groovin’ Animals



Read A Loud based lesson that allows children to explore animals’ bodies and how they move, while moving and grooving on their own.

Recipe for a Habitat


We’ll add and mix up the “ingredients” that go into making a habitat, and explore why they are so important to plants, animals, and to us.

Amazing Adaptions


Animals have and do some pretty bizarre things to help them survive. We will discover some of their Amazing Adaptations and a few of our own!

Buy, Sell, SAVE!


In this game show style program, find out how much our actions as consumers can affect our planet!

Unique Adaptations for Unique Biomes



Ever wonder why some lizards have spikes or why some mammals are extra fuzzy?  Analyze these adaptations and more to find out what biome the animals are originally from.

PreK-1st grade programs are approximately 30 minutes long, and 2nd grade + are 45 minutes long. All programs include a special animal encounter.

Registration and Payment Information:

  • Available Tuesday-Saturday 9AM-3PM (an additional fee of $25 will be added to programs that are not within this time frame)
  • All outreaches must be booked at least 1 month from the program date.
  • There is a maximum of 80 students per program.



0-20 miles away- $80

21-40 miles away- $90

41-60 miles away- $130 (please call if over 60 miles away)

There is a charge of  $45 for each additional program (same day, same program)


Senior Communities:

Available Mondays only.

Animal-assisted therapy has been the subject of much research and has been proven to increase serotonin levels, lower blood pressures and reduce depression. In other words, make people happy and less stressed!  Our outreach team will bring a live animal, along with a biofact, to show and allow for up close encounters with residents.  Information regarding the particular animal and their role both in the world and at the Chattanooga Zoo will be given.  This is a 30 minute presentation.

To book your Zoo to You Senior Outreach Program, email James Brantley or call 423.643.5786

Outreach Policies:

An adult representative must be in the class at all times during the program

The following are NOT allowed:

  • Food or drink
  • Other animals
  • Other activities during setup or presentation



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