Can't come to us? We'll come to you! Our outreach programs are fun, interactive and a great way to introduce all ages to science without having to leave your community!

We have multiple program structures to meet your needs! Below is a detailed description of each with pricing.


Learning Labs (1 hour/program) 

Learning Labs are specifically designed to allow for hands-on exploration at multiple stations while meeting curriculum standards. Plus, it wouldn’t be a Zoo to You Outreach without an animal meet and greet! Each lesson is one hour in length so that students can rotate between 4-5 stations and still meet an animal at the end of the program. To allow for an optimal learning environment, each learning lab accommodates 30 students/program. 

Scroll down and click on the Learning Lab Curriculum Guide button to view the various lessons. Click “Apply” to reserve your spot today!
  • 1 program/day - $100
  • 2 programs/day - $185
  • 3 programs/day - $270 
Presentations (45 minutes/presentation) 
Presentations are 45 minutes in length and can range from a curriculum-based presentation, a special topic, or general conservation topic. Each presentation will include a special appearance from three of our animal ambassadors and curriculum-based programs will include a short activity. To allow for an optimal learning environment, we suggest 30 students/presentation; however, we can do assembly style programs for 31-300 participants/presentation.
Scroll down and click on the Presentation Curriculum Guide button to view the various presentation topics. Click “Apply” in the top right corner of this page to reserve your spot today!

Classroom Pricing (30 participants/presentation)
  • 1 presentation/day - $80
  • 2 presentations/day - $145
  • 3 presentations/day - $210
Assembly Style Pricing (31+ participants/presentation) 
  • 1 presentation/day - $250
  • Additional Presentations - $200/presentation
We love going out into our community and supporting organizations at events. Please note that the approval of requests depends on availability and alignment with our mission. We will also bring along animal ambassadors if the conditions are acceptable.
To request our participation, please click “Apply” in the top right corner of the page to submit the Zoo to You Outreach Application. On the form, please indicate that the request is for an expo/booth event.
  • 2 hours - $250
  • Additional Hours - $75

Outreach types

  • Learning Labs1 hour to include an animal meet & greet. Hands-on Learning Stations & Curriculum-based.
  • Presentations - 45 minutes to include 3 animal ambassadors. Curriculum-based, Special Topic, or General Conservation.
  • Expo/Booth - Let us join you at your event! 2-hour time slot but you can reserve more time. Animal ambassadors if conditions allow.

Mileage Costs

  • $0 Under 20 miles away
  • $10 20-40 miles away
  • $50 41-60 miles away
  • Please call if over 60 miles away

  • Our standard group size is 30 or fewer participants per program for both Learning Labs and Presentations. However, assembly style pricing is available for Presentations and would apply to any presentation of 30+ participants. 
  • Food should not be prepared/served within 20 feet of the presentation area.
  • No other animals should be present during programs. However, if there are other organizations presenting animals, please call our Education department to discuss details. (423) 697-1322 ext. 5790.
  • No other activities during setup or presentation.
  • An adult representative must be in the class at all times during the program.
Additional Information


All Zoo to You Outreach programs must be booked at least two weeks from the program date. To check availability after the two week cut off, email or call (423) 697-1322 ext. 5790.

If you book an outreach program after the two-week cut off period, there will be a $25 late fee.

Programs are available every day from 9 AM-5 PM EST. If you book an outreach program to occur outside of that time frame, an additional $25 fee will be required.

All programs include a special animal encounter.


Senior Safari Programs

Animal-assisted therapy has been the subject of much research and has been proven to increase serotonin levels, lower blood pressures and reduce depression. In other words, make people happy and less stressed!

Information regarding the particular animal and their role both in the world and at the Chattanooga Zoo will be given. To book your Zoo to You Senior Outreach call 423.643.578

Additional Information
  • Available Mondays only
  • This is a 30 minute presentation
  • No Food or drink allowed during programs
  • No other animals should be present during programs
  • No other activities during setup or presentation