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The Chattanooga Zoo is now CORED!  

COnservation, Recreation and EDucation are the leading themes behind The Chattanooga Zoo’s revamped educational programming.  While our educators align our old and new programming to Tennessee, Georgia, and National Science Standards, they have taken the “Common Core” and made it a little less “common”.  While your students’ and children’s school standards stand as the backbone to our programs, our goal is to take them to new and more exciting heights.  Every education program your child receives should not only educate, but also get them moving and thinking in ways they haven’t before.  All of which leads to the overall CORED mission of the department.  The Chattanooga Zoo’s Education Department is a critical aspect of its mission and continues to expand. In addition to new highly innovative and trained staff members, we are also a leader in the state-wide STEM initiatives.We seek to inspire a new view of the world around us. Experience Chattanooga Zoo’s Education Opportunities and have a truly WILD educational experience!

Can't come to us? We'll come to you! Our outreach programs are fun, interactive and a great way to introduce students of all ages to science without having to leave your community!  Through the use of live animals and interactive activities, the Chattanooga Zoo Outreach team can help teach life science concepts to your students. All of our programs align with state educational standards. 

 To book your Zoo to You Outreach please email or call Zoo Education Department at (423) 643.5782. 

*See list of programs at bottom of page


Discover, explore, and question animals! Our programs are based on Tennessee,Georgia and National  Science Curriculum Standards and as a great way to engage students, have fun, and cover objectives all at the same time! (programs available for Pre-K to 12th grade!)

Camps, libraries, conference, other

Our staff will work with you to create a custom program to fit your unique needs.

Senior Communities

Animal-assisted therapy has been the subject of much research and has been proven to increase serotonin levels, lower blood pressures and reduce depression. In other words, make people happy and less stressed!  Our outreach team will bring at least two animals to show and allow for up close encounters with residents.  Information regarding the particular animal and their role both in the world and at the Chattanooga Zoo will be given.  This is a 30 minute presentation. 

Program Fees

Zoo To You Education Programs: $60 for first program; $45 for each additional program (same day, same program)

At a distance Programs:
21-40 miles: additional $20
40+ miles: additional cost will be calculated at time of reservation

Grant funding may be available for Title 1 schools.

Senior Programs: $40

Programs are available M-F 9am to 3pm and last 45 minutes each.  Please note, programs booked after normal business hours will incur a $25.00 after hours fee. No programs will be offered after 7pm without the consent of the Zoo Education Dept. 

Outreach Program Policies
  • Outreach Classes are limited to a maximum of 40 students per program.
  • Presenter will arrive 15min-1hr (depending on the program) prior to set up
  • Classes last approximately 30min-1hr (Pre-K and K classes may be shortened depending on the needs of the class)
  • Programs are offered between the hours of 9am and 3pm Eastern Time Monday through Friday. Other times require Zoo Education Dept. approval.
  • Programs should take place in one location and students rotate to us if booking multiple programs.
  • Programs should be booked at least 2 weeks in advance.
  • Payment is expected at time of service
  • Payment sent through the mail must be accompanied by a Chattanooga Zoo Outreach invoice slip.
  • Outreach program must take place in an indoor location that can be secured (i.e. doors that can shut)

Outreach presenters will need:

  • An adult representative in the class at all times during the program

The following are NOT allowed:

  • Food or drink
  • Other animals
  • Other activities during setup or presentation

Programs available for the 2014-2015 school year








Movin’ and Groovin’ Animals




Read A Loud based lesson that allows children to explore animals’ bodies and how they move, while moving and grooving on their own.

Recipe for a Habitat

1st 3rd


We’ll add and mix up the “ingredients” that go into making a habitat.  Then we will explore habitats around the world and discover why they  are so important to plants, animals, and to us.

Animals Under Wraps



Fur, feathers, and scales - OH MY! Come “unwrap” our animal friends’ characteristics to find which  group they belong to.  Learn why it is that scientists classify vertebrates into specific groupings and how to tell one vertebrate from another!

Buy, Sell, SAVE!



In this game show style program, find out how much our actions as consumers can affect the Earth as a planet!


Unique Adaptations for Unique Biomes




Ever wonder why that lizard has spikes or why some mammals are really fuzzy?  Analyze these adaptations and more to find out what biome the animals are originally from.

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