wild Encounters

Go behind-the-scenes and interact with some of the most exotic animals around! Book your WILD Encounter now! Reservations are required. All WILD Encounters must be booked at least one week in advance. All encounters are 30 minute programs and All persons under the age of 13 must be accompanied by a paying adult.

10% of all funds from our WILD Encounter program go directly toward the Chattanooga Zoo's conservation programs and our efforts to save animals in the wild.

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red panda

Red Panda

This WILD Encounter allows visitors to interact and hand feed our red pandas.

$205 per person Must be atleast 10 years of age.


Come meet our mob of Meerkats! Go into their exhibit for a fun and exciting experience. Chat with their keepers, feed them yummy treats, and learn about the “meerkat manor”.

$85 per person Must be atleast 10 years of age.
Fennec Fox

Fennec Fox

Go into their exhibit, feed them, and learn all about these tiny canids from their keepers!

$125 per person Must be atleast 10 years of age.
Capybara and Spider Monkey

Capybara & Spider Monkey

This 2-for-1 experience allows guests to learn about our capybaras & spider monkeys, while chatting with their keepers, and giving them treats.

$125 per person Must be atleast 10 years of age.
two-toed sloth

Two-Toed Sloth

Our delightful Two-Toed Sloth, Olive, is waiting patiently to meet you! Go into her enclosure to meet and feed this sleepy bundle of joy. Talk with her keepers and learn all about her slow paced life style.

$175 per person Must be atleast 10 years of age.


Come into the kinkajou exhibit and wake up these interesting nocturnal creatures. This experience allows guests to interact and feed the Chattanooga Zoo’s kinkajous, all while learning all about them directly from their keepers.

$65 per person Must be atleast 7 years of age.

Cotton-top Tamarin

During our newest encounter, you'll get to go into our Cotton-top tamarin exhibit! This unique experience allows you to chat with their Keeper while you hand feed and interact with all four of our Cotton-top Tamarins!

$195 per person Must be atleast 7 years of age.
Baby Animals

Baby Animal Encounters

In the event that the Chattanooga Zoo has an arrival of infant animals, “Baby Encounters” will be available if the Chattanooga Zoo staff see it safe for the animal and Zoo guests. When Baby Animal Encounters are offered, they will only available for a specific amount of time.

All details will depend on the animals and Zoo staff. Must be atleast 7 years of age. Baby Animal Encounters are currently not available.
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Zoo tours

Get closer! Experience the Chattanooga Zoo from a whole different perspective with a Zoo Tour! Upgrade your admission and go on a guided adventure through the Zoo. Each tour is 30 minutes long and offers a selection of behind the scenes, feedings, animal meet and greets, and keeper chats.

  • Tours take place Fridays - Sundays.
  • Reservation must be made in advance.
  • Upgrade to a Zoo for just $10 for adults and $5 for children!
Carnivore Tour - 10:00am

Visit with our fabulous felines and other carnivores at the Zoo! Cats are a surprisingly diverse family. What unique characteristics of our carnivores allow them to survive in the Amazon rainforest, North American woodlands, African savannas, the Sahara Desert, or the Himalayan Mountains? Find out at in the Chattanooga Zoo's Carnivore tour!

Reptile Tour - 11:00am

Often misunderstood, reptiles are some of the most fascinating creatures in the world and are found on every continent, except Antarctica! During this tour you could meet the second largest tortoise species in the world, or rendezvous with a slithering snake friend! Explore the reptiles of the world at the Chattanooga Zoo during the Reptile tour!

Primate Tour - 1:00pm

From the smallest monkeys to the large chimpanzees, our primates soar through the trees of South America, Africa, and Asia with the greatest of ease. What does it take for them to survive in the high tree tops or stay safe on the ground? Find out in the Chattanooga Zoo's Primate tour!

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Tours are offered seasonally from April through September. During these times registrations must be made online while registration is open. We require a week in advance registration to ensure we have prepared tour guides!

To book a tour between November and February, please email our education staff at education@chattzoo.org.education@chattzoo.org. We require a minimum of 2 weeks in advance notice for a tour request.

Exclusively for Spring Break Safari 2018

Join us on our daily World Tour, free with zoo admission, as we take a look at a specific geographical area of the zoo! Learn from our tour guides and zookeepers about the animals that live there, their naturalistic behaviors and survival instincts, how we encourage these behaviors, and more!

World Tours

  • 2pm daily. Locations vary. Meet at the specified locations at 2pm to participate in the tour. Reservations are not required.
  • World tours will NOT be offered on March 30th or 31st during our Hug-A-Bunny event
World Tour Weekly Schedule:
■ March 9-15th Walkin’ the Tracks (North America)
■ March 16-22nd Himalayan Passage (Asia)
■ March 23-29th Gombe Forest (Africa)
■ April 1-8th Corcovado Jungle (South America)




Adopt an Animal

Sponsor your favorite Zoo animal for a day, a week, a month or even a year... Every bit helps!

Sloth eating flowers