If you're looking for an adventure outside of the classroom then come to The Chattanooga Zoo! Students have the opportunity to explore and learn about exhibits on a field trip, enroll in a homeschool series for Life Science experience, or even get close up with an educational program.

Field Trips

Bring your class to the zoo and embark on the wildest field trip in town! See, hear and smell some of the world’s most treasured and unique wildlife without even leaving Chattanooga! For a more in-depth experience and a chance to experience a wild encounter, you can add an educational program to your visit, too.

  • You must be an accredited public or private school, Head Start program, pre-school or organized homeschool group.
  • You must have 10 or more participants to qualify for school group rates, which are only available during the school year.
  • All Hamilton County Head Start programs qualify for free admission but must bring a letter proving Hamilton Co. Head Start status on the day of their visit.

If you have any questions regarding field trips or educational programs, please email the Education Department at education@chattzoo.org or call 423-697-1322 ext: 5782.

Register Order Lunch Programs

Grant funding may be available for qualifying schools. Please email cdale@chattzoo.org for more information.


  • $3 Students (+$3 per student for program)
  • $2 Title 1 School students  (+$3 per student for program)
  • $8 extra chaperones
    Extra Chaperones must register with school to receive this pricing

HomeSchool Series

Welcome to the wildest home school class in town! You will see, hear, and smell some of the world’s most treasured wildlife!

Each class is an hour and thirty minutes long and includes instructions, activities, crafts, and games.

We offer our Home School Series for K-2nd, 3rd – 5th, and now 6th – 8th graders! Class instruction will include introduction to ecology, weather forces and patterns, climate investigations on land and sea, geology, and fossil formation.

During the Zooniversity semester, students will create a research journal to record their knowledge gained and observations made. Students will be able to take this journal home to reflect on their learning long after the class is complete!

For additional questions, please email education@chattzoo.org or at 423-697-1322.

K-2nd & 3rd-5th
  • January 24th – ABCs of Ecology: Abiotic & Biotic

    10:30a - 12:00p

  • February 7th – ABCs of Ecology: Cycles & Change

    10:30a - 12:00p

  • February 21st – The Wonders of Weather

    10:30a - 12:00p

  • March 7th – Extreme Weather!

    10:30a - 12:00p

  • March 21st – Changing Systems: Oceans

    10:30a - 12:00p

  • April 4th – Mission Emissions

    10:30a - 12:00p

  • April 18th – Geology Rocks

    10:30a - 12:00p

  • May 2nd – Fossil Frenzy

    10:30a - 12:00p

  • 6th-8th
  • January 31st – Ecology Study: 1


  • February 14th – Ecology Study: 2


  • February 28th – The Wonders of Weather


  • March 14th – Extreme Weather!


  • March 28th – Changing Systems: Oceans


  • April 11th – Changing Systems: Land and Air

    10:30a - 12:00p

  • April 25th – Geology Rocks

    10:30a - 12:00p

  • May 9th – Fossil Finds

    10:30a - 12:00p



6-8th Grade Rates

  • $90 Full Semester Non-Member
  • $80    Full Semester Member
  • $12 Individual Class Non-Member
  • $10 Individual Class Member
  • Register 6th-8th
Tuesdays at 10:30am

Zoo Tales

Zoo Tales is a complimentary storytime program offered to all guests each Tuesday morning with regular Zoo admission. Zoo Tales encourages youth to read interactively by combining an engaging animal book with a corresponding animal encounter or educational activity. Come and join us as we get lost in a book and learn about our favorite furry friends! We can’t wait to share our stories with you.

Zoo Tales location subject to change at any time. For more information about zoo tales, please contact our Education Department at education@chattzoo.org or (423) 697-1319.


Pre-K & K
Super Duper Senses

Can you taste with your feet or smell with your tongue? Explore ways humans and other animals use their senses.

1st & 2nd Grade
Recipe For A Habitat

We'll add and mix up the "ingredients" that go into making a habitat and discover why they are so important to plants, animals and us.

1st & 2nd Grade
Animals Under Wrap

Fur, feathers, scales-OH MY! Animals have all kinds of different body coverings. Come explore this basic introduction to vertebrate classification.

1st – 5th Grade
Adventure Quest

What would we need to survive in the wild? Come take an adventure with us and find out! Then let’s see what cool adaptations our animal friends have to survive…

1st – 8th Grade
Everybody Poops

It’s a fact of life that everything poops. Is it just plain gross or is it very important to the environment?? Let’s look at actual animal poop and discover its value.

3rd – 5th Grade
Amazing Adaptations

Animals have and do some pretty bizarre things to help them survive. We will discover some of their Amazing Adaptations and a few of our own!

3rd – 5th Grade
Food Web Feast

Worms, trees, birds, snakes, and even fungus have their special roles! You'll fund out how important the entire cast is as we build a rainforest food web.

3rd – 12th Grade
Expansion Expedition

The Zoo is getting bigger!!! Is it a simple process or an intricate, detailed endeavor? Let’s discover what it takes to design and build new animal habitats at the zoo.

6th – 8th Grade
Buy, Sell, SAVE

What we do and things we buy can impact wildlife-both good and bad. Find out how we can conserve wildlife in this game show style program.