Donate items from the list below and make a big difference in the lives of the animals we care for every day! Don't have the time to shop? Monetary donations or items from our Amazon Wishlist are always appreciated.

Amazon Wishlist
Supplies & Equipment
  • Aquarium Tanks

  • Animal Crates

  • Buck Tooth Rakes

  • Commercial Washers & Dryers

  • Heating Pads

  • Heavy Duty Garden Wagons

  • Heavy Duty Water Hoses

  • Hedge Clippers

  • Leaf Blower

  • Loose Leaf Rakes

  • Pick/Up Truck

  • Pitch Forks

  • Industrial Window Squeegee’s

  • John Deere Gator Blankets

  • Large Snow Shovels

  • Riding Lawn Mower

  • Sisal Rope

  • Stainless Steel Bowls

  • Towels/Blankets/Sheets

  • Water Bottles

  • Water Pumps For Aquarium Tanks

  • Wheel Barrows

Animal Enrichment
  • Canned Chicken

  • Canned Salmon

  • Canned Sardines

  • Canned Tuna

  • Crackers

  • Dog treats

  • Dried Fruits

  • Herbs and spices

  • Large stuffed animals

  • Meat broth mix

  • Noodles

  • Peanut Butter

  • Sugar Free drink mixes

  • Variety nuts

  • Large Boomer Balls

  • Bones (from Professional Butcher)

  • Calvin Klein “Obsession” Perfume

  • Puzzle Feeder balls

  • Large Kongs

  • Foraging ball Toy

  • Materials to build platforms in exhibits

  • Combination fireproof safe

  • Dental Instruments

  • Digital X-Ray machine

  • Laryngoscope blades

  • Portable Ultrasound Machine

  • Refractometer

  • Surgical Instruments

  • Surgical table and lights

  • EKG machine

  • Bookcase or Cabinet with Doors

  • Lumbar support office chairs

  • High Resolution Camera

Amazon Wishlist

Thank you for your support of the Chattanooga Zoo! If you don't have time to shop for the items on our wishlist above you can always check out our Amazon wishlist.